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About the book

In response to rigid workplaces and the increasing financial demand on families, small home-based businesses are thriving with an overwhelming percentage of them driven by work-from-home mums. Women are intently creating new incomes, doing what they love to do, while simultaneously building a family and a home.

Starting your own business can be a daunting process, especially when teamed with motherhood - so how do you build a business, raise kids and stay sane? Through Business & Baby at Home, Sarah O’Bryan opens an honest conversation on the realities of taking this path. 

Business & Baby at Home explores the joys and challenges of working from home while gracefully balancing family life, relationships and domestic duties. Packed with clever business acumen, practical ideas and valuable advice, the book is an insightful guide teaching you how to create a successful and profitable business from home.

Sarah O’Bryan reveals the realities of this path with joyful candour, sharing her own experience and priceless revelations from other work-from-home parents.

Whether you’re considering this path, or are already enduring the endless juggle; the knowledge you’ll gain from this book will help you to streamline processes with simple steps on how to manage time, increase business and get the job done.


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Lifestyle photography by Tim Coulson. Front cover photography by Ken Martin. Back cover photography by Renee Wood.
Business & Baby at Home - A set-up and survival guide for mums